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Tales From The Other Side

At the Celtic celebration of Samhain, when the year is entering its dark half, it was believed that the veil between this world and The Otherworld was at its thinnest. It was a time when the dead could walk the streets, crossing the boundary from the otherworld. Ancestors were honoured and invited into the home, while fires were lit to ward off evil spirits who aimed to cause harm. 

With the sun's strength fading, Donn Lord of The Underworld would take to the land of the living, bringing with him the living dead...

Through stories and music, The Embers Collective will take you on a journey into The Otherworld, with tales that will make you tingle, shiver and shake. Let's welcome in the darker half of the year together, and keep the lights burning to protect us from those from beyond, who tonight walk amongst us.

As always, the show will be followed by a wonderful Music Tree jam, lead by our very own Tim Karp.

Tickets £10/£8 concessions available here.

Doors 7pm, show starts 7:30pm.